Insurance Programs

Discounted for Members!

NORCAL Mutual Insurance Company

NORCAL Mutual Insurance Company: SBCMS' endorsed professional liability insurer of choice for our members. NORCAL remains true to its physician-focused values: support organized medicine, underwrite to the standard of care, and provide physicians with clinically driven risk management services and aggressive defense of non-meritorious claims.  NORCAL offers a 5% Loss Prevention discount to solo practice and physicians practicing in small groups of 2-4.

Contact NORCAL today for a premium indication at 877- 443-7232 or visit

Mercer Health

Mercer Health & Benefits Insurance Services LLC: As the endorsed insurance broker for SBCMS members, Mercer offers members a variety of member insurance programs and assistance to help members select the right insurance coverage for your practice. Most plans include discounts, special member pricing or coverage enhancements. For assistance, call a Mercer Client Services Representative at 800-842-3761, or e-mail or visit their website.

Mercury Insurance

Mercury Insurance Group:  Discounted auto and homeowners insurance for SBCMS and CMA members. Contact Mercury Insurance Group at 888-637-2431 or visit the website at

Automobile Club of Southern California

Automobile Club of Southern California:  Contact your local agent for details.