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San Bernardino County Public Health is offering JYNNEOS vaccines as pre-exposure prophylaxis for patients at risk for getting Mpx for individuals who live, work, or go to school in our county.   See flyer on how to secure an appointment.  Once the patient Interest survey is filled out, we will reach out to the individual to schedule a first-dose appointment.  

If you are interested in hosting a vaccine event for your members, let us know!  We have Saturday appointments also!   

More info on Mpx can be found on our website:

Facility Planning for hospitals/clinics who already have an allocation: 

  1. Intradermal route ( like placing PPD) for all except pts who form keloids or pediatrics. Each vial is able to be drawn up to 5 doses. Once punctured I think shelf life is 8 hrs. 
  2. If you do not plan on hosting a vaccine event, then allocate your supply to ED and primary care clinics for Post exposure use and pre exposure prophylaxis for high/medium risk pts as part of the routine immunization care when coming in for a clinic visit. High/med risk including hiv, msm, std in last year, pts on hiv PrEp, sex workers, etc ( see attachment for priority grouping).  ( logistics- make sure once vial is punctured no dose left behind and nursing staff available to do intradermal injection ) 
  3. Finally, Public health still has a lot of open slots for pts/friends/family who like to be vaccinated within the risk category.   If IT/PIO can help to get the message out via MyChart/social media to alert at risk pts vaccine is available at Ph See attached flier in English/Spanish

Here’s the patient link:

Feeling left out?  For facilities who are interested in getting Mpx vaccine but have not gotten them, here is the request link:

Together we can contain this outbreak! San Bernardino is only at 28 case count! 

Sharon Wang, DO, MSHPE
Medical Director/Assistant Health Officer
Department of Public Health-Administration

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