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Congratulations James Tong, MD, on receiving "The Unforgettables "Top Doc" Award

James Tong, MD selected by the San Bernardino County Medical Society's Board of Directors, for "The Unforgettables "Top Doc" Award for 2018

James E. Tong, MD is the Assistant Area Medical Director of the Women’s and Children’s Health Service Line for Southern California Permanente Medical Group (SCPMG), in the San Bernardino County Area (SBC). He has been in this role since May 2016; prior to his current role Dr. Tong was the Chief of Service, Pediatrics beginning in April 2013. After completing his Pediatrics Residency (2006) and his Pediatric Nephrology fellowship (2009) at UCSF, Dr. Tong was fortunate to join SCPMG. In addition to his local responsibilities at SBC, Dr. Tong also serves as the Regional Co-Lead of Pediatric IQM as well as the Regional Co-Lead of Autism Spectrum Disorder/Developmental Disabilities.

Under Dr. Tong’s leadership, the KP SBC Area was recently announced as an affiliate of the Children’s Hospital Association. He leads the efforts for the Kaiser Permanente Children’s Care Network, and Pediatric Tertiary Care Services. Dr. Tong enthusiastically supports all medical center events especially those celebrating pediatric patients, such as the annual inpatient Halloween party. He was invited to participate as a keynote speaker at the First Annual Pregnancy & Infant Loss Ceremony, for the San Bernardino County Area.

Dr. Tong has oversight of the process of PICU and NICU Transport teams. He maintains a full practice Nephrology panel clinic while also taking on the responsibilities of the Assistant Area Medical Director. He consistently extends appointment hours with the motto that no patient is left behind. It is not unlikely that Dr. Tong has booked 2-3 patients at 8am. He never makes patients wait; he will bring the patients in to do vitals and input values as well. He will also assist the patient with filling out visit questionnaires. He provides training to staff, educating his nurse on how to apply the 24-hour Blood Pressure monitor on patients, he also does his own blood pressure monitor follow up with patients.

Dr. Tong is fluent in Spanish, and he never requests interpreter services. He will not hesitate to print an after-visit summary and review with the patients for further understanding.

The feedback from patients and parents is that “Dr. Tong makes them feel comfortable and Dr Tong is awesome!” Patients that are nearing the age of 18 are always sad to leave him. Dr. Tong is always available to provide nephrology consults and he is gracious and accommodating with his expertise. He never hesitates to support colleagues.

Dr. Tong has excellent clinical and bed side manner. He goes above and beyond, and at one point he even provided a pediatric hospital gown for a small framed elderly patient on hospice while she was in the hospital. He is the only SCPMG Pediatric Nephrologist in the Inland Empire, and he is generally on call full-time, rotating weekend call with (3) SCAL service area colleagues.

He is an active promoter of physician wellness as a priority, attending all Physicians THRIVE Council Events. He is the reigning Physician Tennis Champion for SBC. He has been married to his wife Connie, Pediatric Nurse for six years. Together, they are the proud and loving parents to their smart, beautiful and courageous young daughters, Mia (5) and Ella (2).

SCPMG Partners in San Bernardino County consider it a privilege to have Dr. Tong as a colleague, he is the example of a servant leader. He is consistently a hands-on clinician, a collaborative leader and a true ambassador for pediatric patients.

Congratulations Dr. Tong and thank you for representing SCPMG and SBCMS!!!

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