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Dr. Rodney Borger

Emergency Medicine


Dr. Rodney Borger is medical director of the department of emergency medicine at Arrowhead Regional Medical Center (ARMC) in Colton.

He is an exceptional humanitarian and a model for all physicians. He provides outstanding service and dedication to advance the health care status of California residents. His dedicated service to his patients, his community, and to organized medicine is well recognized. He exemplifies the highest standards of physician conduct and leadership.

Under Dr. Borger’s guidance, ARMC’s ED devised and implemented a new patient flow system that drastically trimmed door-to-door doctor wait times and reduced the number of patients who left without being seen; subsequently, representatives from many hospital ERs, large and small, visited Dr. Borger to learn about the new patient flow system.

He first joined the SBCMS in 1990 as a freshman medical student at Loma Linda University School of Medicine. His leadership skills developed early in his medical career – 1990-1992 Student / Resident representative SBCMS Board; 1992-1995, Trustee, CMA Board Student / Resident representative;1993-1997, Delegate, AMA Resident Physician Section; 1994-1996 Executive Committee California House Officer Medical Society Governing Council; and served on the SBCMS Board and was President in 2009-2010.

Dr. Borger also serves on the SBCMS Finance, Nominating, and Legislative Committees, and chairs the Emergency Medical Service Funds Committees. He is a CMA Delegate who regularly writes resolutions to the CMA House of Delegates; some resolutions have resulted in CMA sponsored legislation.

He is deeply committed to the work of public health and was instrumental in helping to form the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Medical Reserves Corps (MRC), a specialized component of a national network of volunteers dedicated to providing medical assistance during times of emergencies and disasters in the community. He served as the MRC Commander for the first eight years of the program and continues to participate and provide guidance to the organization.  

For nearly 25 years, Rodney Borger has been a key figure in the San Bernardino County Medical Society (SBCMS), and in the Inland Empire community. He is an advocate for medical quality and access issues. His motto is to “always try and do the right thing for the patient and go the extra mile.”

Rodney Borger is highly respected by his peers, his friends, his patients, elected officials and members of the community. He has an impeccable reputation as a physician leader and responsible citizen. He exemplifies the true leader in the physician community and the Inland Empire community-at-large.