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Dr. Dennis Hwang

Pulmonary Diseases

Dr. Dennis Hwang has a passion for empowering patients and improve healthcare delivery.  As the physician director of the Sleep Medicine Department at Kaiser Permanente in San Bernardino County and the Regional co-chair within the Southern California Permanente Medical Group, he has helped to create a care delivery model that focuses in leveraging team-based care, implementation of health information technology and specific telehealth strategies, integrating end-to-end care, and enhancing inter-departmental collaboration.  With at least 10 current initiatives in healthcare innovation and health services research, he is studying how those strategies can be utilized to improve patient engagement, support primary care physicians, and improve clinical outcomes while also reducing healthcare utilization.

Additional leadership responsibilities include his roles as the chair of the American Academy Sleep Medicine Electronic Health Records Integration Task Force, Advisor for the American Medical Association RVW Update Committee, and several other national society-related work.  He is a frequent invitee to lecture internationally where he is proud to present not only as a representative of a Permanente physician, but also incredibly blessed to represent the patients in San Bernardino County whom have brought him much joy, growth, and special memories.

His personal life is consumed by his wife, training his 8 year-old son to fulfill his previous dream of becoming an Olympic ping-pong player, watching his 6 year-old daughter grow up to be president, while volunteering as a board member at his Bread of Life Church.