A Consistent Influence

For more than 100 years, the SBCMS has been a
constant voice for the local medical community

SBCMS Leadership

Executive Committee

Kristina Roloff, DO
Javier Sanchez, MD

Javier Sanchez, MD
Tarek Moqattash, MD

Javier Sanchez, MD
William Jih, MD
Vice President

Javier Sanchez, MD
Rahul Nayyar, MD

Javier Sanchez, MD
Alex McDonald, MD

Christopher Tsai, MD
Kristina Roloff, DO

Board of Directors

Sonial Nayyar, MD District 1
Sara Khan, MD District 2
Steve Lee, DO District 2
Alberto Yanez, MD District 2
Teresa Frausto, MD District 3
Chad Vercio, M.D. District 4
Shantharam Pai, MD District 5
Daniel Patton, MD District 5 
Fariborz Lalezarzadeh, DO At Large
Johnny Negusse, MD At Large
Marti Baum, MD CMA Trustee
Dev A. GnanaDev, MD AMA Delegate
Samir Nayyar, MD Young Physician Representative
Michael Sequeira, MD Public Health Officer, San Bernardino County
Jennica Kahkejian, MD House Officer Representative (KPFMC)
Ari Ucar, DO House Officer Representative (ARMC)
Daniel Udrea, MD House Officer Representative (LLUMC)
Daniel Lee Student Representative (LLUSM)
Brianna Ma Student Representative (CUSM)
Rebecca Shaneck Student Representative (WUHS)

CMA Delegates

Mohan Mallam, MD District 1
Mark Bai, MD District 2
Thelma Korpman, MD District 2
Elliot Weinstein, MD District 2
Rodney Borger, MD District 3
William Jih, MD District 4
Evan Houck, DO District 5
Javier Sanchez, MD District 5
Samir Nayyar, MD At Large
Conrad Salinas, MD At Large

CMA Alternate Delegates

Hemanshu Patel, MD District 1
C. Perry Chu, MD District 2
Timothy Jenkins, MD District 2
Alex McDonald, MD District 2
Sharon Wang, DO District 3
Alfred Simental, MD District 4
Frank Randolph, DO District 5
Jason Solomon, MD District 5
Michael Sequeira, MD At Large
Ramendeep Singh, MD At Large

SBCMS/CMA Additional Representatives

Eric Hansen, DO Solo/Small Group Practice Trustee
Tarek Moqattash, MD Young Physician Section Alternate Representative
Damodara Rajasekhar, MD OMSS Trustee/CALPAC Chair-Elect
Christopher Tsai, MD Young Physician Section Alt. Del. for District II