State Capitol

Physicians play a critical role in advocating for sound legislation that will positively affect the delivery of health care and the practice of medicine in California. In addition to testifying in policy committees, participating in CMA’s annual Legislative Leadership Day in Sacramento, and monitoring the CMA Hot List of bills, physicians can become Key Contacts – our most effective grassroots tool. CMA is a major player at the State Capitol. The association’s staff lobbyists keep legislators aware of how proposed legislation could enhance or threaten patients’ health or physicians’ ability to practice medicine. From sponsoring legislation to testifying in committee and meeting one-on one with elected officials, lobbyists advocate on behalf of physicians throughout the legislative session.

San Bernardino Physicians Political Action Committee (LOPAC)
The San Bernardino Political Action Committee, our "local" county PAC known as LOPAC, is a strong bipartisan effort. Its goal is to support and elect pro-medicine candidates at the county levels by making direct contributions and encouraging attendance at fundraising events for candidates seeking election to County Office.

California Medical Association Political Action Committee (CALPAC)
CMA's Political Action Committee is crucial for supporting and electing key members to the California Legislature in the State Assembly and Senate. Many of these legislators hold significant leadership positions. Active participation in every election cycle ensures the election of candidates who share our philosophy and dedication toward the future of medicine. Critical issues affecting today's physicians are being decided at the local and state political levels at a rapid pace. Join CALPAC today!


To find out more about hosting a fundraising event, making a contribution to either of these PAC's or to simply learn more about our efforts, please email Alison Elsner, SBCMS Executive Director, or call 909-273-6000, or donate now.