Economic Advocacy

CES Monies Recovered

SBCMS/CMA's economic advocacy center has helped physicians recoup thousands of dollars by showing them how to appropriately respond to health plans through efficient appeals processes and claims reconsideration. We offer numerous workshops and seminars that teach physicians and their staff how to maximize reimbursements. We also offer various toolkits that help physicians and their staff better manage their finances. In addition, SBCMS (in concert with the CMA) deals directly with health plans on behalf of physicians to resolve reimbursement issues.

SBCMS also provides information on healthcare issues, mandates and and new policies to keep members informed about day-to-day reimbursement issues. For assistance obtaining fair reimbursement, contact the SBCMS at 909-273-6000.

CMA's Reimbursement Help Line: Trouble getting paid? Call CMA's Reimbursement Help Line at 888-401-5911 for personal assistance with contracting or reimbursement issues. Not available to nonmembers.