Legal Advocacy

Gavel and stethiscope

California Physician Legal Handbook (CPLH): Updated annually and offers volumes of comprehensive legal information including current laws, regulations and court decisions related to medical practice. Available for purchase in print or CD. Contact the CMA Member Help Line 800-786-4262 to purchase your copy.

CMA Health Law Library: An online library with over 4,500 pages of up-to-date legal information on a variety of subjects of everyday importance to practicing physicians. Free to CMA members ($2 per page for nonmembers). Accessible online at or by calling CMA Member Help Line 800-786-4262.

Legal Help Line: CMA legal help line provides immediate assistance for HR, medical, regulatory, or legal questions. Free to CMA members. Not available to nonmembers. 800-786-4262

CMA Legal Affairs Case List: A summary and current status of pending litigation filed to influence health policy in which the California Medical Association was a party or filed a brief as amicus curiae, or "friend of the court." The Case List is circulated regularly on a monthly basis. Changes to case status occurring within the last month are highlighted in RED. For more information on a specific case, please contact the appropriate staff member identified at the end of each litigation summary by e-mail or by calling (916) 444-5532.