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8 benefits to negotiate for your next job offer

Negotiation is about more than compensation. It’s an artful form of communication that entails asking for exactly what you deserve—and that means employee benefits. Wondering which ones to secure in your employment contract? Here’s a must-have list of benefits every new physician should ask for when negotiating a job offer. Health care attorney Catherine Hanson has provided legal and employment counsel to physicians, medical associations and other health care professionals for more than 30 years. Hanson said to residents when it comes to negotiation, although salary obviously rises to the top ...

SBCMS sponsors Group Long-Term Disability program

You work to protect your patients…   We work to protect you. As a physician, you probably know better than anyone else how quickly a disability can strike and not only delay your dreams, but also leave you unable to provide for your family. Whether it is a heart attack, stroke, car accident or fall off a ladder, any of these things can affect your ability to perform your medical specialty. That’s why the San Bernardino County Medical Society sponsors a Group Long-Term Disability program underwritten by New York Life Insurance Company: ...