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Medical Board of California iOS app now available for iPhone and iPad

Access to information on your doctor at your fingertips, 24/7. Developed by the Medical Board of California as part of its ongoing commitment to protecting California's health care consumers. Making informed health care decisions has never been easier. Receive notifications when a doctor's name, address, practice status, license expiration, or survey data changes, and when administrative actions and enforcement documents are added to a doctor's profile. The information includes notification when a doctor's license is suspended, revoked, or placed on probation.  News Release July 26, 2018

FSMB releases free online education modules for medical students and residents

The Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) has released a free online education module for medical students and residents who are interested in learning about the medical licensing process. The new module, "Understanding and Navigating the Medical Licensing Process," is designed to help medical students and residents familiarize themselves with the licensing process before they apply with their state medical board. This is the second module in a series of online educational offerings developed by the FSMB Workgroup on Education for Medical Regulation. The workgroup is currently working on future ...

CMA says breastfeeding mothers must be accommodated when taking exams

The California Medical Association (CMA), along with the American Medical Women’s Association and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), sent a letter to Prometric, one of the largest test development and delivery networks in the country, asking it to ensure that pregnant and breastfeeding test takers have consistent access to reasonable accommodations during their exams. “It has come to our attention that Prometric does not consistently provide appropriate accommodations to candidates who are pregnant or breastfeeding at the time they are taking exams at Prometric facilities,” said the letter. “These ...

Medical Board produces video to assist new applicants with the licensing process

In response to the many inquiries regarding how to correctly complete the application for a California medical license, the Medical Board of California has produced a 20 minute video to assist new applicants with the licensing process. The video is available here. In addition, applicants can go to the medical board website, click on an individual form and see an instructional video just for that form. Contact: Medical Board of California, (800) 633-2322.

Medical board gives priority licensing review to physicians practicing in underserved areas

The Medical Board of California will give priority review and processing of license applications to any physician who has received or accepted an offer of employment to work in an area of California designated as underserved. In order to be considered for this process, applicants need to submit the initial application forms, fingerprint cards (out-of-state applicants) or Live Scan (California applicants), application fees, primary source documents and supporting documents. Physicians also need to supply the additional documentation: An original signed and dated letter from the applicant to ...

Physicians renewing licenses experiencing delays

The Medical Board of California is asking physicians who need to renew their medical licenses to do so early due to delays associated with the implementation of a new online licensing and enforcement system. This transition is resulting in disruptions in cashiering and other services and is affecting both online and mail renewals. Currently, the medical board is experiencing delays of 6-8 weeks to update its website and provide physicians with a current wallet license. Physicians whose licenses are expiring are encouraged to submit renewals as soon as possible to ...

Governor signs CMA-sponsored bill to expedite physician licensure for practice in underserved areas

Governor Jerry Brown has signed a bill (AB 1288) sponsored by the California Medical Association (CMA) that requires priority review status be given to the license applications of physicians who can demonstrate that they intend to practice in a medically-underserved area or serve a medically-underserved population.   With California facing an uneven disbursement of physicians, increasing the physician pipeline to those areas to ensure delivery of safe, quality medical care will be crucial to the health of those communities.   “We need more physicians in rural and underserved areas of California,” said Paul ...

Is your license renewing in September or October? Renew early to avoid delays with new online licensing system

The Medical Board of California is asking physicians that need to renew their medical licenses during September and October to do so early due to a planned disruption. According to the medical board, the Department of Consumer Affairs will transition to a new online licensing and enforcement system in mid-September 2013 and during this transition there could be disruptions in cashiering and other services. The disruption will affect both online and mail renewals. To avoid any possible lapse in licensure due to processing delays, physicians whose licenses are set to ...