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Bones and Spine Surgery First Outpatient Spine Robot in Inland Empire

Bones and Spine Surgery - The First Outpatient Spine Robot in Inland Empire

Loma Linda, California – Bones and Spine Surgery is proud to announce the grand opening of our state-of-the-art Loma Linda Surgical Institute featuring the latest surgical technology – An outpatient spine surgery robot.

The new surgery center, located at 25915 Barton Road, Loma Linda, partnered with the prestigious Loma Linda University Faculty Medical Group, is designed to provide a safe and comfortable environment with cutting-edge technology for patients who need same-day surgery. The center has seven operating rooms and provides a wide variety of services such as arthroscopy, joint replacement, minimally invasive spinal surgery, cataract surgery, colonoscopy, endoscopy, and cardiac procedures. 

The surgery robot is the latest advancement in surgical technology, allowing surgeons to perform complex surgeries with precision, accuracy, and minimal invasiveness. It provides a 3D view of the surgical structures by integrating CT scan details with the patient’s own fluoroscopic anatomy for better visualization. It also has incredible accuracy, enabling surgeons to access hard-to-reach areas of the body with ease. With this new technology, patients can expect a faster recovery time, less pain, and minimal scarring.

“We are thrilled to be the first ambulatory surgery centers in Inland Empire to offer this advanced technology,” Wayne Cheng MD., Professor of Orthopedic Surgery and Chairman/Founder of the company “Our goal is to provide patients with the best minimal invasive solution to solve the most complex spinal problems, and this new surgery robot will be one our tool to help us achieve that.”

The grand opening of the new ambulatory surgery center with a surgery robot will take place on March 12, 2023, 1-3 PM, and we invite the media and the public to join us in celebrating this momentous occasion. The event will feature a guided tour of the facility, a demonstration of the surgery robot, and a Q&A session with our expert surgeons.

For more information or to RSVP for the grand opening, please contact

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