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SBCMS Executive Committee Statement on Death of George Floyd


Dear SBCMS Members and Partners,

On behalf of our leadership representing San Bernardino County Medical Society, we want to reach out to you during this troubling time to share our anger, sadness, concern and compassion as well as work to create a spirit of unity.

Like everyone, we are heartsick over the tragic death of George Floyd. We cannot fully comprehend the pain, especially that which has been experienced disproportionately and more egregiously by some in our community for decades upon decades. We stand categorically opposed to any form or expression of racism, discrimination and oppression against our fellow humans by other institutions or individuals. 

As a medical society, our mission centers around equal access to quality care for all, regardless of race, color, heritage, gender, age or life situation. Respect for each other is at the core of who we are and what we do. That does and must always mean that we foster a community that celebrates diversity and is inclusive of individuals of all identities and backgrounds. We respect, appreciate and commend those who willingly protect and serve our community with honor. Yet systemic problems exist, and the medical community is not immune. We cannot idly stand by without taking a hard look in the mirror to identify where we can make changes within ourselves and our practice of medicine.

We would like to encourage each of you to support “White Coats for Black Lives” (WC4BL), spearheaded largely by medical students, which seeks to eliminate racism in the practice of medicine and recognizes racism as a threat to the health of people of color. As we take a stand as a medical community against death or suffering as a result of institutional racism and health inequity, it is important to remind ourselves and each other of the guiding principles and values that bring us together. Supporting WC4BL is a way to achieve a sense of awareness and positive forward motion towards a solution. For more information or to get involved, visit or

These problems cannot be solved instantly, or by any single act. But we, as physicians and servants of our communities, can be models of empathy, compassion and healing. 

Thank you for your service to others each and every day. We look forward to creating a culture that stands as one against injustice and inequality as only the medical community can do.


Mark Bai, M.D.

Christopher Tsai, M.D.

Kristy Roloff, D.O.
Vice President

Javier Sánchez, M.D.

Tarek Moqattash, M.D.

Damodara Rajasekhar, M.D.
Immediate Past President

Executive Committee
San Bernardino County Medical Society


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