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Telehealth Expansion Due to COVID-19

President Donald Trump today announced the federal government is immediately suspending HIPAA enforcement and penalties to facilitate use of telehealth for health care services in both the Medicare and Medicaid programs.

As of this morning, March 17, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) has announced that Medicare will immediately expand telehealth coverage for seniors so that they can be treated from home and not risk their own health and that of providers by being required to visit a medical office. 

Please see important information, guidelines and links here:

The federal government is working with insurance companies to ensure that necessary adjustments are being made. 

States are being encouraged to expand the use of telehealth in their Medicaid programs for low-income patients. Separately, Medicare Advantage plans offered by private insurers have been allowed to offer telemedicine as a supplemental benefit. 

Physicians should work directly with their telemedicine program vendor or web-based provider for clarification and confirmation of capturing codes and CPTs needed for treatment. Also please see CMS FACT SHEET here

As updates continue to be released throughout the day and week, SBCMS and CMA will bring you updates. Please do not hesitate to contact Alison at (909) 273-6000. 

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